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Monsanto (MON) declines on SmartStax's disappointing results, yet the company is still a monopoly on seeds.

Sept. 28, 2010 by Samuel Chong

Shares of Monsanto (MON) declines more than 8 percent today in midday trading as the company's product SmartStax, the genetically-modified corn seed, reports disappointing results.  However, the company is still a monopoly on seeds.

In a complaint filed by Monsanto's competitor, DuPont, it alleges that Monsanto controls 98 percent of the U.S. market in soybeans, 79 percent of the market in corn and 60 percent of the market in patented soy and corn genetics.

Monsanto has also been known to sue farmers whose crops become genetically contaminated through cross-pollination with Monsanto-modified crops.

Recently, Monsanto has had several insider transactions. 

Date Name Price Number of Shares
Jul 13, 2010 CASALE CARL M $52.09 30,000
Jul 13, 2010 GRANT HUGH $52.06 37,500
Apr 14, 2010 MCMILLAN CHARLES S $67.26 2,000
Jan 15, 2009 HARPER ARTHUR H $76.27 - $76.29 2,000

Normally, a sign of insider purchasing activity indicates that the insiders of the company are bullish to the company's prospects.  Currently, the company is traded at $48.65.  Please see the long term graph of the share prices of the company.

Monsanto (MON) Share Price

We believe that the long term trend of the share prices of Monsanto is up, as there will be more demand for good seeds, and some times genetically modified seeds in order to combat climate changes or plant diseases.

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