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Financial Centers
United States
New York City, Chicago
London, Frankfurt, Zurich
Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo
Latin America and the Caribbean
Africa and the Middle East

Forex Trading

General Information about Forex Trading

Forex trading, or foreign exchange trading, is traded on various foreign exchange markets around the world via different financial instruments.  Forex market is unique because of its huge trading volume, high liquidity, and continuous operation.

Currently, London accounts for about 34.1% of the total trading volume, making London by far the global center for foreign exchange. In second and third places respectively, trading in New York City accounted for 16.6%, and Tokyo accounted for 6.0%.

Online Forex Trading

In this Online Forex Trading section, we will provide basic information regarding online forex trading as well as comparison of online forex trading brokers.

Mobile Forex Trading

Increasingly, more and more people are trading forex via their mobile devices.  In this Mobile Forex Trading section, we will compare different mobile forex trading platforms.

Forex Trading Strategies

Basic forex trading strategies are explained here.

Forex Books

Books about forex trading or foreign exchange currency trading



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