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The stock or share of a business entity represents the capital paid into or invested in the business. Currently, the stocks or shares of a public company, or a publicly listed company, can be purchased and sold, or traded, on a stock exchange.

Online Stock Trading

As the Internet creates conveniences for people to be able to trade stocks online, there are many companies and platforms that would enable private investors for online stock trading activities.  As online stock trading can be handled at ease through an online stock trading platform, many people nowadays have adopted using the Internet to trade stocks and shares online, instead of calling their brokers.

Mobile Stock Trading

Mobile stock trading is a fairly new technology that enables people to trade stocks and shares through their mobile devices. While an investor or a stock trader has to have a computer at hand in order to trade stocks online, one can easily trade stocks through their mobile phones or cell phones almost anywhere in there world.

Stock Trading Strategies

Here, we will list different stock trading strategies for your reference.

Purchasing stocks of companies who are near monopolies: AMSC, MON, ASX:TFC (TFS Corporation), CME





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